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Denise Widner

  1. Becky says:

    This Fall: Ayurveda and Perfect Health Workshop
    I enjoyed this workshop very much. It helped me understand myself, develop a daily meditation practice and recognize that there is a wealth of information that we can all use to achieve greater health and well-being. Thanks Denise!!!

  2. Dorothy says:

    This Fall: Ayurveda and Perfect Health Workshop
    This workshop was a delight. Each week we learned about the body, mind, and soul connection. We learned so much; the five elements of nature, the doshas, the importance of meditation, how to improve our daily lives through mindfulness. Denise is an excellent instructor. I hope to take another workshop with her soon.

  3. Adelle says:

    This Fall: Ayurveda and Perfect Health Workshop
    Wow what to say?! This workshop was amazing! I learned so much about myself, energy, food, and how to take care of myself. And we were just scratching the surface of Ayurveda! Denise is a wonderful teacher with so much love and wisdom. SO if you are privilaged to take a class with her and/or learn from her you will leave feeling so light. I always walked away every Sunday feeling excited for what I learned and I couldn’t wait to apply all of that knowledge in my life. The only thing that I feel this workshop needed more of was time. Our group got so into it 2 hours wasn’t enough! I love Denise and this workshop and because of it I have started to meditate and I plan to expand my practice and knowledge in Ayurveda! Thank you Denise for the wisdom and knowledge!

  4. Sara Vaas says:

    This Fall: Ayurveda and Perfect Health Workshop
    This workshop was so amazing! It really helps to see the bigger picture of yoga in a daily-routine kind of way. It helps incorporate not only poses, but nutrition, and the way we think and view the world. Ayurveda helps us be more in tune with our unique bodies but also helps us understand those around us- the way we react, respond, deal with things.
    I highly recommend this workshop to learn more about being a better YOU!

  5. Debbie says:

    Ayurveda and Perfect Health Workshop – Winter 2014

    I really liked the way the workshop brought yoga to the every day, and I learned so much about myself, which was something I hadn’t expected at all. Topics included doshas, nutrition, daily routines, and how the five senses impact our chakras, and the section on emotional health was particularly powerful.

    Denise is very warm and open, and she did a really good job of making it all very accessible.

  6. Lisa Pike says:

    I felt sad for this workshop to end. Here we had a super duper intro into all the aspects of Ayurveda. Denise knows her stuff and her passion shines through and through. The most important nugget of information I gleaned from her course is that doctors don’t heal you…you heal yourself. You will just have to take the course to learn the many practices we can do to make this happen!

  7. Heather Bowen says:

    Ayurveda and Perfect Health Workshop, Fall 2014

    This workshop fulfilled my hopes of finding a system of holistic health, delivered by the beautiful soul, Denise. I think that is what makes this workshop different than others out there…the combination of the knowledge and wisdom you gain mixed with a teacher who truly cares, is willing to be vulnerable and open, and lives the knowledge she teaches. The ways of breathing, eating, knowing, releasing, and meditating that I learned are practices that will continue to grow in me for the rest of my life…this is only the beginning! Denise will be there to support you all the way and will send you encouraging, inspiring emails throughout the week. Why wait to live a happy, healthy life and to know your true Self?? Thank you Denise!!!

  8. Kimmy Curtis says:

    WOW! Denise’s Ayurveda class has opened up my life. Opened my mind to better all around health for me & my Family! Meditation to set my intention, yoga for mind & body strength, Food…the Best food choices for our Family! Not to say were cured of what is around us daily…but we are aware & ready to work on our choices daily! Open your mind, body & Spirit to space, change & fulfillment! Will participate in future learning opportunities & learning & Yoga classes with this Amazing Yogi, Teacher, Friend, Kind Hearted Spirit! Thank you! Nameste

  9. babenson66 says:

    I was not familiar with yoga, I just heard so many positive things it could do for your mind and body. Let me start by saying… I’m one of those people that want to make changes, but I’m afraid of my own shadow. I sign up for things and then back out, because I tend to listen to that little voice that says “You can’t do it, they won’t like you”.

    So I signed up and paid on line, because I was too scared to walk into the studio. I was afraid that I would be judged. You know the look you think they are giving you, and questions that they might ask and you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. All of this is in my head my own fears and insecurities.

    Falcon Yoga is changing my life in so many ways. The first day I walked in, I didn’t know what to do or say I was so nervous. A special person Kate came to me and showed me what I needed for the class she was so friendly and welcoming. Kate settled my nerves and I felt safe in the class room. The teacher Lisa Pike was so welcoming and full of encouragement. Lisa started the class with a story that touch my heart and setting a tone for session. After the class I was hooked… it was like I finely found a place I belonged and felt that it was okay to be me.

    My next class was with Denise Widner and she showed me so many things that I thought my body could never do. Denise had me do a heart opening pose, and all of a sudden I had all these emotions and feelings. After we were done, I felt free of some weight I was holding inside. It was then I knew what yoga is about and wanted to learn more.

    Falcon Yoga and all of the teachers are a blessing. Denise Widner is a person you need to know, she has the tools and leadership that will guide you to a better way of living. I am becoming a better person because they are leading me to finding my true self. Thank you Falcon Yoga and ALL the teachers for your support and friendship.

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